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We enable 3D Data Visualisation in various operational and mission critical environments with our flagship product, 3DAnalect. Our technology bridges the gap between the diffused world of sensors and the need for real-time 3D visualisation.

3DAnalect aggregates data from thousands of sensors and acts as a middleware between the interface protocol/database and applications on a network.

3DAnalect has revolutionized the DCIM industry by putting critical information into the hands of our Enterprise Client, instantly delivering the most demanded feature for the past 10 years

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Struxureware For Data Center Solution Manager
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Features of 3DAnalect

Things we track


Power systems
Cooling and ventilation
Access control
Fire detection

Critical Power

Utility Power Meters
Generator Systems
Automatic Transfer Switches
Battery Backup Systems
Rack Mount Power Strips

Mechanical Systems

Chilled Water Systems
Glycol Systems
Pumps and Fans
Air Flow and Pressure


Real-Time Visualiser

The Most Futuristic

in the market today.

3DAnalect is a powerful data visualizer (SCADA), that captures real-time infrastructure information. The analytics platform can power as a DCIM system to monitor mission critical sensors in data centers, or facilitate smart building management to efficiently utilize space, power and cooling capacity of the environment. 3DAnalect is a scalable & robust analytics engine that visualizes business data in a new dimension.

Web Services Middleware

Industry Standards

Big Data

Business Analytics

3D Visualisation

Fire Suppression Systems
Leak Detection Systems
Load Banks
Lighting Control Systems
Security Camera Systems

and more

3DAnalect captures detailed real-time information of infrastructure such as energy consumption across data centers and operational facilities, enabling you to track, measure, trend and receive alerts.

3DAnalect visualizes data center environment in 3-Dimension. It manages the space, power and cooling capacity of the environment to better meet business objectives. You can measure cost savings, improvements in capacity, and operational reliability and performance, as well as deliver continuous information for ongoing improvement.

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